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Printed Sewing Pattern

Sizes: US 0-24 & EU 30-54

Skill Level:  Beginner - This is a basic style and a very easy sew.


The Wardrobe Builder T-shirt (WBT) sewing pattern is a fitted T-shirt. The pattern is designed with 5 necklines, 6 sleeve lengths, and 3 body lengths. Combine any neckline, sleeve, and body length and create 90 different T-shirts.

  • Five necklines
  • Six sleeve lengths
  • Three lengths
  • 90 possible combinations


Choose light to medium weight jersey fabric such as single jersey, rib or other knitted fabrics that includes up to 5% Lycra or Elastane. Choose a fiber such as cotton, rayon, polyester, silk, Modal, or Tencel. The fiber will affect the fit of the T-shirt. 



Wardrobe By Me - Fitted T-Shirt Sewing Pattern