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Fit your mannequin to your measurments - so you can fit your clothes to your measurments more accurately.


This 2 hour workshop will enable you to fit your mannequin to your measurments. We all have lumps and curves individual to us, and that's what makes dressmaking such a pleasure to achieve a good fit.

You will pad out your mannequin to your personal measurments - wool padding will be provided but you will need to bring your own mannequin and you may want to bring an old well fitting bra if you are larger than a B cup! Also you will need to bring some jersey fabric to cover your mannequin - or alternatively an old t-shirt will also work well.

Booking dates are as follows:


Option 1 -  Wednesday 22nd May 2024 7pm to 9pm


Option 2 -  Friday 28th June 2024 10am to 12 midday


Option 3 - TBC

Fit Your Mannequin Workshop.