A stylish trompe l'oeil for a deceptively wise silhouette, here is the beautiful FAYE. The pattern offers 2 versions: a combipant that looks crazy, or a knee-length dress that is easy to wear on any occasion. The Fauve details are there, a big flat collar, a bit retro and in the air of time, and especially the bust in 2 parts, which hides an elastic waist. Ready to play with Faye ?!

Suggested Fabrics: All medium weight warp and weft fabrics (110 to 200 g/m2) which will have flexibility. But the double bust also allows you to contrast the materials (lace, plumetis, voile... for the top bust).

- Fabric for a 140 cm width:
Trousers version :           
34-36: 275 cm               
38-40: 300 cm              
42-44: 325 cm                  
46 : 340 cm                         
50 : 330 cm                         
50 : 360 cm                         
52 : 375 cm

Dress version:
34-40: 230 cm
42: 265 cm