Learn to use your own, or one of our sewing machines!


Sewing machines often look daunting! But with tuition and guidance you can soon develop your skills in using your machine, allowing you to use it to it's full potential. 


You will learn:

  • How to thread your machine - top thread and bobbin thread.
  • How to wind a bobbin.
  • How to change a needle.
  • How to change a machine foot - there are many for many things!
  • How to raise and lower the presser foot.
  • How to change stitch width and length.
  • Learn what stiches it offers.
  • How to change the needle position.
  • Stitch plate seam guidance measurments.
  • How to use any additional functions it may have - dependent on machine - such as thread cutters, reverse stitch, needle up or needle down, automatic needle thread, etc. etc.
  • How to care and maintain your machine.
  • Finally, any other questions  or concerns you may have in using your sewing machine!


We have small class sizes of 3 people per class - enabling a high level of tuition and support.


Option1 - Tuesday 19th April 2022  - 7pm to 9pm


Option 2 - Monday 25th April 2022 - 7pm to 9pm


Option 3 -  Wednesday 11th May 2022 - 7 to 9pm

Learn to use your Sewing Machine Workshop.