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March 2024's Monthly Make!

This month I made the Merchant and Mills Clementine Skirt in our Springfield Bleached Blue Denim.

This is a classic denim style skirt with western style pockets including the coin pocket, a fly zip, and It has a yoke to the back skirt and a slit for ease of movement/ walking.

Denim is a great fabric to sew with being a stable fabric, and allows you the opportunity to customise your garment with topstitching or a design on your pockets to make it you! A denim machine needle is preferable for sewing and you can use either denim thread, topstitching thread, or two threads combined of sew-all thread for you topstitching.

Below is a link to our YouTube video Sew-along to help anyone with their sewing.

In these photos I have worn it with the Friday Pattern Company Sagebrush Top made up in our Northern Blues Cotton/Linen fabric. Another lovely make for the spring time .... whenever it arrives!!!

Happy Sewing!


New Forest Sewing Studio

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