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January 2024's Monthly Make

Firstly I would likely to wish everyone a happy new year for 2024! I hope your year is filled with lots of Inspiration and Happy Sewing!

So for January 2024 I made the Atelier Jupe Frankie Trousers.

They are a relaxed fit casual trouser fit pattern, a great alternative to Jeans. I made them up in our 8oz Organic sanded twill in Effie pink but we also have a variety of other colours available. They would also make up lovely in a denim fabric.

The instructions on the pattern are clear but I have also made a you-tube sew-along to help and follow along to if needed?

The link to the you tube video is below:

For February 2024 I will be making the Maison Fauve Atlas Blouse in our Pink Dusk Organic Cotton Hemp Fabric - I am definitely currently thinking Spring! Bring it on the warmer weather!! Of course as always I will make a you-tube sew-along to help anyone that may want to view it :-)

Happy Sewing!


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1 Kommentar

Paula Preston
01. Feb.

Unable to view the video. It says it’s private x

Gefällt mir
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