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Make a Lampshade!

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Lampshade Sewing Class

A lampshade is a lovely item to make and personalise to you own choice of decor.

Our lampshades are dual sided providing a choice of decor on both the inside and outside of your lampshade. The inside of a lampshade is just as an important aesthetic as we all look up ... and a pop of colour inside a lampshade can make all the difference!

Lampshade Sewing Class

With your fabric cut to size you cover both sides of the double sided pvc panel, then using the 15mm PVC adhesive strips you are able to cut your fabric with equal even margins.

Lampshade Sewing Class

The next step is to cover you Lampshade Ringsets with double-sided self adhesive tape. Then you are all set to to see your lampshade take shape!

Lampshade Sewing Class

And there you have a personalised, designed, bespoke lampshade .... made by you!!

Imagine how proud you will feel .... each and every time you look at it in your home!!

Don't feel confident to make one yourself ?.... then come along to one of our lampshade making classes ... once you have made one, you will be wanting to make many more!!!

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