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August’s Monthly Make and Sew-Along!

For August I decided to make the Pilar Jacket by Maison Fauve. This is a denim style jacket with some lovely individual design features elevating it from your standard denim jacket! It has a lovely straight cut, not too wide and not too short. It has lovely topstitching detailing with topstitched feature darts to the front yoke of the jacket. the pattern also has the option of a large diagonal inverted pleat to the back of the jacket!

I made the Pilar Jacket in our 8oz organic sanded twill in the colour 'Ironmongers Lane'. We stock this fabric in various other colours also.

I recorded a Sew-Along available to view of YouTube via this link:

The sew-along for September 2023 will be making Jeans - I will be making the Helene Jeans by Anna Allen patterns which is available as a PDF but unfortunately we do not stock it here at New Forest Sewing Studio but we do stock alternative patterns such as the closet core Morgan Jeans or the Wardrobe by Me Women's Jeans #1 suitable for our non-stretch 14oz denim.

Happy Sewing! :-)


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